The Did Comedy Barn Onstage. Now Watch The Man In Yellow Carefully, He May Be Sitting Now…

Comedy is one of the life savers that helps us cope. Ever since times of Rome, that idea of “comedy” has been on the opposite of “tragedy.” The plays of Shakespeare covered both and sometimes in the same play. Comedians have a weird, quirky way to looking at the world in a fun way. To be able to laugh after something happens ensures not only survival but also that you won’t implode/explode on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Medically, there are a slew of benefits when it comes to laughter. From reduced stress levels to intaking new oxygen to the brain, which helps blood pressure and lessens the strain on organs. Wow, and the list goes on!

The Comedy Barn has been a sort of institution for some comedians. Home of the some of the cleanest, family friendly comedy around. For twenty-three years, the Comedy Barn has made an impact onto people’s lives, but this isn’t a regular comedy club. This is one that actively involves the audience in the participation of the show. A very important quality that seems to set the comedy barn apart from other traditional comedy clubs.

Some comedians are stuck with hecklers that just won’t shut up. They are selfish, and don’t seem to realize that the show isn’t about them. Yet, sometimes the hecklers can be more hilarious than the comedians. This isn’t such a video, or rather, the one whose hilarious certainly isn’t a heckler. He’s naturally hilarious. Just by being himself, the crowd erupts into laughter. If the comedian on stage didn’t grab a microphone, I don’t think that crowd would’ve understood what everyone on stage was losing it over, so thanks for that. When you hear his laughter, you sure as heck won’t forget it!

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