This Country Singer Has a Sneaky Trick or Two up His Sleeve

When it comes to country musicians, very few people are quite at the same level as Willie Nelson, at least in terms of popularity. He sang and recorded many amazing hits throughout his career, such as “Shotgun Willie” and “Stardust.” This now 82-year-old man has also starred in several movies, has done activism work, and authored several books. But in the video today, you will see another one of his hidden talents, and it may not be what you expect.

Who knew this singer could also do magic? In the clip below, we can see Nelson performing a magic trick, with a regular deck of cards that he shows to the audience. He shuffles the cards and makes sure they are at a completely random order, before narrating a tale.


As the story goes on, he starts pulling the exact cards he wants from the deck, even when they were at random. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! This man certainly has more than a few talents.

I replayed the video a dozen times, but I still don’t have any clue how he does it. Don’t miss this incredible clip right here.

This Country Singer Has a Sneaky Trick or Two up His Sleeve