Crossbreeding Is A Controversial Topic! Watch This Video About Blue Belgian Cattle!

Crossbreeding has been a controversial subject through the years, everyone has their say on it, however they all have have contrasting opinions. On one hand, it maximizes and optimizes for the best and desired traits. On the other, it disrupts the flow of genetics and what’s “natural.”

Well reality is that crossbreeding is something that has happened across a vast number of animal species. Dogs, cats, and horses have all been crossbred before, and some of the results are commonly accepted breeds in society today.

However some of these breeds are shocking and result in sometimes grotesque appearances in the animals, the following video is an example of this. The Belgian Blue is a cattle breed that was first created in the early 20th century. The Belgian Blue is optimized for muscular hypertrophy, which is commonly referred to as double muscling. As a result, these bulls look like they are cows on steroids. They’re muscles are incredibly defined and gigantic.

Breeders embrace this trait because to them, muscular hypertrophy equates to more quantity of meat, which means more money for the breeders.What is your opinion on cross breeding, is there a place were you draw the line? Please share this eye-opening video with the rest of your friends!

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