Are You Curious About K-9 Officers As Pups?

There’s nothing like a cute puppy video to brighten up my day and fill us with happiness. So naturally, a video featuring dozens of puppies all playing and eating together is absolutely priceless! Usually, when you imagine police dogs, you picture a fearsome and disciplined dog, with particular skills and a very obedient personality. I always thought that dogs like that had a sense of duty since birth, but apparently, no dog is excepted from being an adorable puppy at least for a while in their lives! You got to watch them for yourself!

The Surrey Police department recorded and posted the following video on their YouTube channel, and it’s a real treasure. It shows a whole bunch of puppies just before they start their journey to become amazing K9 officers. It’s still a long run before they get there, though! They’re still too tiny and adorable to catch any bad guys or sniff any evidence to search with their scent. For now, they have to conform with playing and cuddling. If you watch till the end of the video, you’ll see the names that all the puppies have, and they’re all adorable!

Don’t miss this cute video right below!

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