Curious Wild Orca Always Says Hello To The Kayaking Friend He Has Known For Years

We may not always think of our seafaring friends as being altogether intelligent or social. But many fish, especially orca whales, and far more developed than we give them credit for. The story of friendship between an orca and his kayaker buddy in the video below is proof of that.

Nathan Pettigrew, an avid kayaker from New Zealand, is familiar with orcas. When he went out kayaking in 2010, he met an orca with a distinctive dorsal fin he now calls Pickle. Due to a slight marring on his fin, and his curious personality, Pettigrew is able to identify Pickle easily. And Pickle definitely recognizes Pettigrew!

“I always wear the same outfit on my kayak — red shirt and red hat,” Pettigrew said. “That way, I would like to think that he knows it is me. And I think he does as he often interacts quite differently than some other orca that I have come into contact with.”

The two have paddled together many times over the years. Pettigrew has seen Pickle grow up in that time, and has developed a relationship with the orca. It’s incredible to see a kinship form between orca and man. Proof that love knows no bounds, not even between species.

Watch Pickle and Pettigrew’s story in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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