He Cut A Watermelon In Half. But I Didn’t Expect To See THIS Inside The Rind! UNBELIEVABLE!

Watermelons are popular whenever and wherever it’s not freezing, and especially in the summer. The fruit is super juicy and just sweet enough for a refreshing effect without stuffiness. In this video, Mark Rober made a convincing argument why watermelons are much better for summer parties than the standard fares such as potato salad.

Mark chose to start the video in sensational fashion. He pretended to break a watermelon in half while surrounded by several children. All of a sudden he got the skin completely off, leaving a giant red oblong-shaped object. If the children had thought the object to be the head of an alien in the Alien movies, they would have screamed their heads off! Luckily these smart children recognized the skinless watermelon.

The video went on to show us how it’s done. All you need is two watermelons of similar size and shape. You slice the skin clean off all around one of them – the video shows you the proper way in detail – and you’re left with this alien head thing. Then you cut the other watermelon in half and remove all the red edible parts. Finally, you put the two halves of the skin over the alien head thing, and voila!

It’s so simple that it will make some of us hit ourselves on the side of the head for not thinking of it sooner. We could have been as cool as Mark Rober if we had!