This Is The Cutest Jumping Contest Between Dog And Baby, And Funny Too! LOL!

This is the world’s most unfair jumping contest, but it made up for it by being the cutest and friendliest and most genuine and sporting. The contestants are – drumroll please – Alexis, a baby, and Dakota, a chocolate-white border collie.

The organizer of this contest was Sabrina Sauve, the mother of Alexis and the adopted mother of Day (short for Dakota). Sabrina encouraged Alexis and Day to jump in her typically smart and creative ways.

First of all, Sabrina put her daughter Alexis in a jolly jumper. The jolly jumper not only encouraged Alexis to jump, it also leveled the playing field because, as we know, the border collie is the most athletic dog in the world, which is why Alexis deserved a little assistance. It’s almost like a golf handicap system.

The way Sabrina encouraged Day to jump was a bit more complicated. She studied the sun and measured the rays of sunlight to arrive at the perfect location in her house for the contest. The thing that encouraged Day to jump was the shadows of Alexis and Day’s own shadow! Yes, Day is a very talented shadow jumper, unrelated to the shadow boxer that Fiona Apple talked about.

Check out this delightful jumping contest in this video. Note that this was a fair girl on girl contest. A few YouTube commenters were concerned that it wasn’t a fair contest in terms of differences in male and female athletes. But the fact of the matter is that it was a totally legitimate women’s tournament.

Now that we’ve covered all bases, go ahead and enjoy this wonderful clip!

Let’s pretend you’re the judge, who would give the winning trophy to? Don’t worry, the loser will get a trophy too. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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