Cutest thing you’ll see today – twin ducklings cuddle as they nap

Are you exhausted? These ducklings know how you feel, except they make it look cute. Let these dozing quackers brighten your day before you lose consciousness.

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they’re harmless, and they’re bound to make you smile. They are ducklings. What sort of ducklings, you ask? Sleepy ducklings! They must have missed a nap because those little kids are heavy!

Yessir, when you don’t keep up on your payments with the sandman, he comes a-calling. Those beaked tufts of fluff must have been dodging collections at least since lunch.

They look determined to muscle on through, but they’ve made the mistake of snuggling inside a big, comfortable, shady hat with each other. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Pulling my hat over my eyes makes me sleepy. I guess it works in reverse: sitting inside their hat, their little kids flutter and blink shut and those tiny noggins wilt like flowers in the desert.

They snap a few times… “I’m awake! I’m awake!” But all determined infants end up the same way, no matter the species. They support each other in their time of tiredness and the nap monster catches up with them. Resistance is futile. And adorable.

Cutest thing you’ll see today – twin ducklings cuddle as they nap