Dad Asked Her To Stand Like Mommy. What This Little Baby Does Is Going To Crack You Up! LOL!

Little kids are really honest. They don’t think about the consequences of their words or actions, and just do it without the fear of hurting anyone. And it is actually funny sometimes. This dad asked his daughter, Alexandra, the following request, “Stand like mommy stands.” What this tiny girl did next had me laughing uncontrollably in my seat!

Her mom must be due very soon with their second child and Alexandra has undoubtedly noticed it. How she impersonates her mom is really cute. This little kid is barely walking and she has already begun doing impressions! Her parents are going to have their hands full when she grows up for sure! What a funny kid!

Impersonations aren’t all this little girl can do either. While daddy is talking to her and filming her, she turns around to wave a regular queen’s wave and says very clearly, “Da da!” Somebody loves their daddy! But he finally gets her to focus and do what he wants her to do for the camera.

When he tells her to stand like her mommy, she pooches her belly out really far. It’s hilarious! Why is daddy picking on mommy like that? And mommy isn’t even there to defend herself! But I understand she found this video hilarious, just like I did. This short clip is sure to make your day and make you smile with this little girl’s personality.

Watch Alexandra’s impression of her mom in the video below and let us know what your thought about it in the comments section!

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