Dad Asks Internet To Edit Photo Of 6-Week-Old Daughter. I Couldn’t Get Over What They Did.

We live in a time where people are questioning the validity of nearly every item of news that comes out. It’s true, people have manufactured stories to drum up sympathy… or money.. from well-intentioned people. This story, though, took a request from a grieving dad looking for maybe one person to do something to heal the pain of truly awful loss. As you see here, it mushroomed into something much, much bigger.

Nathen Steffel had just recently lost his daughter, Sophia, after six weeks due to a rare condition called a hepatic hemangioma. She had been on a ventilator and he’d only seen her with all these tubes on her face. He asked people on a popular website called Reddit (I’m understating the word ‘popular’ here) to see if they could Photoshop a photo of her without the tubes. It became insanely popular and photos poured in, including some drawings.

The actions of these Redditers may not completely heal the pain of the loss of Sophia after such a short time, but the entire family can get an image of her without all the hospital equipment. They can look at the pictures and envision what might have happened in the future. It was such a kind gesture on the part of those anonymous Internet denizens, but they made quite a mark and also helped raise the reputation of the Internet.

I admit that I was choked up by the end of this video. As a dad, how could I not be? I feel for every parent who has to go through something like this. The Internet, often thought of as a haven for the socially awkward, came through to help bring some closure for a grieving father and mother. It allowed the whole family to imagine what their little girl would have looked like without artificial machinery. That will be something they remember forever.

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