Dad Brings Home A Baby Cat, But He Never Imagined THIS Would Happen!

There’s nothing more endearing that friendship between beings of different species. Watching unlikely pairs or groups of friends is always beautiful, and it’s because you would never expect to hang out together enjoy themselves naturally. But they can be like family, even if they’re not alike on the outside. The video below will surely prove to you how adorable interspecies friendships can be.

In this following clip, a very big dog who you’d expect hanging out with other dogs, as big and tough as him and of his own size, is strangely playing in the most adorable way with a tiny little kitten. One would never expect to see something as cute as this between a cat and a dog, especially since their size difference is more than evident, but they proof that nothing can stop love.

The dog’s name is Navarro, fitting his tough look, and the little kitty is called Iben, and the way they play together is just beautiful, I want to have two of them at my own home. I wish animal friendship were this easy all the time!

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