Dad Felt Guilty For Going On Vacation Without Their Dog. Then He Had THIS Genius Idea…OMG!

The family featured in the video was all set and ready to go on a vacation. But they were not very thrilled about it. They just couldn’t imagine leaving their dog behind. Their bulldog is named Igor and it was going to be his first stay at a kennel. No doubt, it’s going to be hard for both the parties. But the dad didn’t give up easily and came up with a genius idea that would help to make their dog feel at home.

Igor hadn’t spent a single night away from his family and his dad Kai couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him behind. So he decided to present both Igor and his family with a little surprise. He planned a brilliant idea for their adorable pooch for his first kennel visit. This is love at its best for sure. You’re going to love this!

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