When He Asked His Dog About The Mess, Well, I Definitely Didn’t See This Coming

One of the best things about the Internet is, without a doubt, funny animal videos. They are probably one of the most searched for items on Google. And why wouldn’t they be?

In this next clip, we meet two adorable little Maltese who seem to love getting into trouble. Or, maybe they just can’t resist temptation.

When this owner walked into the room, he wasn’t expecting to see such chaos. His living room was covered in torn tissues! He asks the first one, Gnarly, about the mess, but he doesn’t get any response. Gnarly isn’t giving anything away, and he has quite the poker-face.

But when dad turned the camera around to ask Kacy, you won’t believe what happens! I burst out laughing when I saw the mischief the other dog had done. I am glad this owner took the time to record these two pups of his. They must entertain him on a daily basis.

These pups must entertain dad on a regular basis; you can hear him trying to not laugh at the obvious guilty party. Kacy and Gnarly weren’t admitting to anything.

When He Asked His Dog About The Mess, Well, I Definitely Didn\'t See This Coming