This Dad Has Got Something To Say For Christmas, And It’s Going To Leave You Amazed

Christmas is an amazing occasion to celebrate with the family, and the Holderness family has a truly unique take on a Christmas card. They all wear their Christmas jammies and have a part in a family video to send to all their friends and neighbors. What’s so unique about that, you ask? Lots of people do that. Not like this!  Dad is an anchor man on television and apparently, he can rap and sing because that’s how he tells everyone what his family has been up to for the past year. The family of four is in their Christmas jammies on the front lawn, and they are all dancing while Dad sings about their accomplishments throughout the year, and they are quite an accomplished family, not to mention fun.

Mom was in an Ironman competition and even got a part in Ironman 3 with Robert Downey Junior, and their young daughter did a triathlon! Even their four-year-old son is quite a performer. The family even ventures into town in their jammies to a hipster bar to try to get the hipsters to notice their jammies. And it works! It’s such a creative way to let friends and family know what you’ve been up to as a family the past year, and way more entertaining than a card.

This happy funny family will surely woo you with their way of celebrating Christmas. Watch this video and let us know how you felt watching this super adorable video through your comments. We would love to have your opinions.

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