Dad Is Over the Moon with Delight as His Baby Girl Giggles for The First Time

The relationship between a baby and their dad is a special one. The following video shows a cute little moment between a dad and his adorable three-month-old daughter. The little girl has her first laugh, and fortunately, mom had the camera nearby. You are going to melt when you see this tiny bundle laugh, which is adorably ‘squeaky.’

It looks like even dad wasn’t expecting such a reaction from his little baby. He is stunned for a moment, but after that, he can’t stop laughing either. And then the mom starts laughing too. You will surely be joining them in this contagious laughter fest.


This is one of the cutest videos you will see today. This little baby is adorable with her head full of black hair and her huge smile. Daddy is having such a good time laughing with her, claiming that she is always trying to head butt him.

The more the baby laughs, the more dad laughs. And mom joins in on the action too, even though she’s filming the whole thing. This laughter truly is contagious. I think dad is going to need a nap after this. When he starts talking to the baby near the end of the clip, the baby stops laughing and looks at him intently, listening to everything he’s saying. Maybe they will both calm down now. Watch this precious video below.