Dad proudly builds a fence to keep his dog safe. Now watch the dog test it!

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our pets, right? One of our primary concerns has always been our pet’s safety. We feel the need to keep them safe from all sorts of dangers, including themselves. I once had a Jack Russell and he was very inquisitive. He wanted to explore anything and everything and he did that every day.

The problem we had with that was that he would get lost. He would follow his nose and before he knew it, he had no idea where he was or how to get back home. This cost us a lot of reporting to the police and endless search parties. We had a big yard at home, but he still felt the need to venture further ahead. The first time we found him, he was across town in someone’s field.

The man didn’t know that the one who had been eating some of his tomatoes was a dog. He told us that if the eating of the crops continued, he may have shot at him. “You have got to understand, this is my work, it’s how I make a living. If I don’t have good crops to sell, I get nothing for them,” he said. I understood and even offered to pay for some of the damage, which he accepted.

The second time he got lost, he had gone to the local mall. I live in a very small city, so a mall is pretty much all there is to see. My dog Milo, had been attracted by the smells of the restaurant. He ate a few leftovers he could find and was trying to get inside of the place. When he saw a squirrel near the door, his instinct immediately took over and put him in ‘hunter’ mode.

The last time we lost him was probably the scariest one. By that time, we had checked all his usual hiding places but had not been successful. One of the residents had told us he had seen him walking along the highway. That highway is very dangerous for small dogs because of the heavy traffic on big rigs. We took the car and found him about 10 miles out. This is when I decided I would build the mother of all fences and that took care of it.

The man in the following video has had enough of his dog escaping. He gets some inspiration from the Internet and ends up building what he considers to be the very best fence in town. He gets his phone out and invites his friends for the inauguration. He even lets his dog out of the house for a test drive. If you are as curious as me about the outcome, just click on the link to the video.