Dad Puts The Breaks On Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

Dad Puts The Breaks On Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding DanceThis is a daddy/daughter dance with a distinctive difference. Proud father Jim Mickunas shared this video of how he decided to reinvent the classical father-daughter dance into something that he feels is far better suited for their unique relationship.

This is a bride who grew up hating dresses. She played flag football, soccer, and track, showing more masculine affinities than you’d expect. That’s why her father decided that he was going to replace the a-typical dance with a game of catch. Baseball at a wedding? Yep – this wedding!

Watch as this man switches out his father-daughter dance for a sport that they loved together growing up. The only thing stranger but equally as heartwarming is how her husband takes over the mitt in a grand symbolic gesture. Published and shared by no one other than the bride’s father, see how much meaning can be imbued into time-old traditions.