Dad Tells His Dog It’s Time To Take Her Medicine. Her Reaction Is Unforgettable!

Denver the dog has millions of views on the internet because of her unique and hilarious reactions to, well, everything! She’s a yellow Labrador made famous by a video that went viral last year when she tried to hide in the Christmas ornaments after being naughty. Denver makes another internet appearance in this video, showing her charisma and hilarious reaction in a completely different way.

Denver is getting a little bit older, so she needs some special medication that she takes via ear drops and well, it’s pretty obvious she hates these drops. You can see her one-of-a-kind reaction when her dad announces that she has to take her medicine right now. She starts complaining like a teenager who doesn’t want to eat his vegetables, by growling and moaning, but it’s way cuter than a complaining teenager!

She tries to look intimidating by showing her teeth getting aggressive with dad, but she’s actually just cute, so he’s not buying it and she has to take her medicine anyway. Dad is laughing at the effort she puts in to avoiding her medication, but he knows her health comes first, so he makes sure she gets her meds.

Watch this adorable Lab as she throws a temper tantrum in the video below! If you like Denver, share her video with your friends!

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