Dad turns on the camera. He doesn’t realize he will record the funniest baby-dog conversation

The father likes to record his baby’s moments to make fun slideshows. Little does he know that today he will record the funniest conversation he has ever seen!

What can be funnier than a dog video? I know many of you would argue that cats are simply funnier. The reasons are many. First, they are usually smaller. We all know that size has a direct relationship with cuteness. Something cuter than a bird is a small bird for instance. We all enjoy recording these videos.

What about tiny-sized dogs? There are many breeds that take tiny to the next level. People and celebrities alike can’t get enough of cute small dogs. Some years ago, French poodles started to become fashionable. For many people, they still are. The way you can trim their hair and give them ‘posh-like looks’ is something very few people can resist.

Many variations of these breeds are tiny-sized. Besides the hairdo, you can also dress them up. This works wonders if you’re an owner who likes to dress your dog with matching outfits. Do people really like doing this? You will be surprised how many of them do. For many people, having a French poodle is not enough. They want to go the extra mile and get something tinier.

Fear not that we have your answer. The Shorkie puppy! This breed is extra little. What could be funnier than this? How about babies? People love to make baby videos. We have videos of babies dressing up, laughing or giggling. No matter what they do, the result is always hilarious.

When you combine these two categories, the result an awesome dose of laughter. One father decides to record his baby. He does this almost every day as he doesn’t want to miss a single thing. It’s probably happened to you before. Your baby does something funny but you don’t have your camera with you. Getting the baby to do it again is virtually impossible.

You try to re-create the moment but your baby does something else instead. Maybe if you try it some other day it can have a similar effect. No matter what you do, everything seems to be useless. Magic happened and you missed it! For all of you fathers who wished you had had a camera with you at that very moment, we have a special treat. This dad decides to record his baby saying some baby words. As soon as he starts recording, his puppy takes center stage as well. What follows is probably the funniest conversation between a puppy and a baby. You don’t want to miss this one!