Daddy-daughter duo perform heart-rending cover of Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Fall on Me’

Matt and Savana Shaw

Daddy-daughter duo Matt and Savana Shaw have performed a hauntingly beautiful cover of Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Fall on Me.’ Known for their beautifully harmonious voices, the duo absolutely nailed this song.

Both father and daughter are not only passionate about singing but also incredibly talented singers. So it’s no wonder that viewers love their covers. Mat and Savanna have a great passion for music, and the duo enjoys singing together at home. In fact, they use one of their cabinets as a recording studio, while most of their music videos are shot in their kitchen!

Mat and Savanna Shaw, a father and daughter duo, shared this version of the song “Fall on Me” by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo Bocelli. The piece appeared twice on Bocelli’s album “Si,” in both the Italian and English versions.

Matt and Savana Shaw

The song was initially written by the American musical duo, A Great Big World, who also recorded the song alongside vocal sensation Christina Aguilera. Now the song went viral again when Mat and Savanna Shaw released their heartwarming performance.

A father-daughter duo covers a song about the relationship between a father and his son, intensifying the song’s meaning and giving it more depth. During her performance, it becomes clear how proud Mat is of his daughter as he continues to gaze at her in admiration.

‘Fall on Me’ “was a perfect song for the father-daughter duo since the song is basically” a conversation between a father and his child about love and life. “The voice came from him from afar, and the wisdom and love of his father came from him and helped guide him,” Bocelli producer Bob Ezrin told Billboard.

The short clip shows the father and daughter once again in perfect harmony. Savana sings the first part while her dad joins in a little later. Together, their voices sound fantastic as they harmonize the rest of the song perfectly.

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Daddy-daughter duo perform heart-rending cover of Andrea Bocelli\'s \'Fall on Me\'