Daddy And Doggy Are Hanging Out By Pool. Wait Until You See Their Awesome ‘Race’.

Dogs and their parents can have so much fun with each other when they are outdoors. They can do things like play fetch, run around with each other, just rest in the shade. Then there’s water activities. Dogs have done things like ride on jet skis and even gone parasailing. This video isn’t quite that exciting, but it’s still a great amount of fun to watch. I would have loved to do this with my dog.

A West Highland Terrier named Christy and her daddy are by a private pool. They both race toward it and do a cannonball into the water. It looks like too small a pool for the daddy to do it, but he smartly doesn’t dive in headfirst, since that’s how people can get paralyzed. Once they both surface they start ‘racing’ each other to get to the steps. Christy is furiously doggy paddling and it looks like she’s going to beat him there.

The really funny part is that right after Christy climbs the stairs, she runs right back around the side of the pool and jumps into the water again. It must be a really hot day or she just loves swimming that much! My dog never swam like that… even getting her into a bathtub was a chore that could take up to 15 minutes of chasing. Forget about my cats, can’t even get them to go outside, much less a pool.

It would be so much fun to be able to swim around with a pooch like Christy. She’s a natural in the water. Her daddy loves racing her. It’s quality bonding time and both of them get to stay cool in the heat. It’s not quite hot enough here at the time that I’m writing this, but this video does make me start anticipating the hotter days where we can enjoy time by a pool or a sprinkler park…

Doesn’t this make you already start anticipating summer? Do you do things like this with your dog? Tell us all about your favorite swimming memories in the comments. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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