Dancing Couple “Bad Salsa” Twirls Their Way Into the Hearts of America’s Got Talent Judges

Being able to pull off a salsa dance routine successfully isn’t an easy feat. Going by the name “Bad Salsa,” came all the way from India to show the United States their incredible moves, and undeniable chemistry.

During the AGT quarter-finals, the dancing duo found themselves as one of the few dancing groups. They decided to create their routine around the hit song, “Tattad Tattad” by beloved Bollywood musician, Aditya Narayan.

Starting their performance by walking down a grand staircase, the two were dressed to the nines and ready to show off their sweet moves. Within seconds of the song beginning, the young woman is instantly tossed into the air.

Bad Salsa’s performance consists of leaps, twirls, chemistry, choreography, and even acrobatics. They never missed a beat, and the entire routine was high-energy from start to finish. We can’t wait to see what Bad Salsa does next.