Danielle and Kekoa, Why Are They At The Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center? See It

I love waking around nature preserves. There’s one near where I live and I get to see everything from giant tortoises to snakes to bearded dragons to rabbits. I can walk around the area and see birds too and fish and crabs. It’s quite fascinating. I’ve never had a wolf walk up to me like the people in this video did – though they are trained professionals who know how to handle the wolves.

We see Danielle walking alongside a very large wolf named Kekoa and a slightly smaller one named Sakara. They are at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. It’s still winter there, judging by all the snow that’s still on the ground. Kekoa and Sakara can’t get enough of Danielle, licking her face and wanting her to rub her like dogs. Well, since dogs are descendants of wolves, this doesn’t come as a terrible surprise.

Kekoa has been used to people ever since he was a pup – he was bottle-fed at that time. The fact that he laid down on his back and exposed his belly to Danielle meant that he trusts her completely. You’re not going to see many wolves doing that in front of humans. Also, a wolf licking a human’s face like that is also a very rare occurrence. These two share a very strong bond, indeed.

Wolves are a misunderstood lot… while they may attack people, they are wild animals just acting on instinct. The woods were their homes first and the humans are encroaching on it. It’s good that there are these sanctuaries for orphaned wolves, though. They have every right to survive as we do. I do wonder what it would be like to be able to pet one like Kekoa, though. That would be awesome.

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