Precious Pup Discovers Leaf Blower… And It Blows Him Away!

Rottweilers have been associated with words such as “aggressive” and “feisty.” Yet, if we look at studies and behaviors you’ll get the same answer time and time again. It’s all about how you raise them. It’s about the love you put in to match the love they give out. This is crucial and important when it comes to raising or teaching anyone anything. To raise and put in your time, your efforts, and your abundance of love is what shapes any being. Training behaviors, while disapproving of others. This is key whenever you are in the position or role of care taker.

Innocence can go a long way. Yet the things we teach can, as well, go a long way. The precious pup in this moment really gets “blown” away. He’s busy laying on his belly. Just relaxing and having the time of his life. Oh, to enjoy being a dog doing, dog stuff. His owner must’ve meant to play around with him, or possibly was getting ready to do some yardwork. Yet the response from the young Rottweiler was just overwhelmingly beautiful and adorably cute.

Seeing the small and precious young Rottweiler seemed to inspire her trickster like qualities. She aims to mess with the tiny young Rottweiler. She has the leaf blower on full blast. This won’t stop the young pup. He goes crazy over it. I’m sure when you see, you’ll agree. Don’t take my word for it, tell us how this adorably darling little angel made your day.

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