Rosie, A Deaf Pit Bull Finds The Perfect Owner. Get Those Tissues Out Everyone!

Rosie is unlike other pit bulls. While you can teach dogs things through commands, you can’t with Rosie. Rosie was born deaf.

When she was brought into the shelter of the Humane Society of Central Nebraska, the people there were challenged with Rosie’s case.

They decided to teach her hand signs like a “thumbs up” to mean “good girl” after a while, Rosie was finally able to communicate, and this opened her up completely. See what happens to her next in this video, and have some tissues available!

Rosie found her forever home in a loving family where the mother is deaf as well. The whole family knows sign language, so they are all going to teach Rosie sign language.

I can’t wait for the video where video can understand sign language! Spread this inspirational video with your friends and let us know your thoughts below.

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