Deaf Rescue Bulldog Now Rescues The Hearts of Hospice Patients

George The Palliative Care Bulldog

There are certain beings among us, human and animal, that possess personalities that are uniquely suited to work that can only accurately be described as angelic. George, the deaf bulldog, has a loving affinity to visit patients experiencing the last moments of their lives. He frequently shows up to give his special support to those in palliative care.

Port Kembla Hospital on the North Southwest coast of Australia is visited daily by the naughty bulldog George. There’s no stopping this cute dog from heading to his friends in palliative care and looking them in the eye with nothing but adoring love. It’s as if he is compelled to create smiles wherever he goes.

All his antics have led his owner to create over seventy different outfits – after all, he is a shining star within the community. Every moment that he spends with patients in palliative care seems to make an immense difference to their happiness and wellbeing, while at the same time showing you just how much a rescue dog like George has to offer. A big heart is guaranteed.