They Decided To Record Their Parrot In Secret. What They Ended Up Capturing Cracked Them Up!

As you’ve probably seen in other animal videos that we have shared with you before, they can enjoy music just as much as we humans can, and it can make for some amazing moments. Each animal has their own way of appreciating music, and one of my favorite examples of this has definitely got to be birds. Parrots, to be precise. It’s known that they have quite good hearing, as they can imitate humans without a problem, but their musical taste is unprecedented!

The parrot’s parent started playing some Irish music on his stereo, and the parrot was his enthusiastic audience. What happens when the music kicks in really blew me away completely. It’s common knowledge that animals have their own special way of dancing and enjoying music just the way they like it, but this seems a little bit too much! I had no idea parrots could be like this!

His footwork is out of this world; I wish I could dance as good as this talented parrot! He’s definitely a music natural, and I’m glad that his owner was able to help him pursue his dreams and play music for him.

Watch this adorable parrot and his radical dancing in the video following right below

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