Tiny, blind, and deaf puppy found in Amazon box left on neighbor’s curb

When they found him in an empty Amazon box, left on the curb outside a suburban home in  San Jose, California, this little puppy was in terrible shape, crying, and all alone.

The tiny puppy could fit on the palm of your hand and he weighed less than a pound. They guessed he was about three weeks old and very hungry. They tried everything to get him to eat including formula, but it was a struggle to get him to put on weight.

When they took the puppy to the vet, they discovered that he was essentially blind, deaf, and anemic. With medicine and a lot of love, the little puppy was able to come home from the vet with boundless energy and joy.

Back on the road to recovery, the little guy gets introduced a cat named Dan and the two of them immediately hit it off. Dan, being an older and wiser cat, shows the little guy how to play and explore his new home in safety and enjoy life to the fullest. That’s what best friends are for, am I right?