This Is The Most Detailed Dollhouse That You Will Ever See!

A dollhouse is a toy home made in miniature. For the last century, dollhouses have primarily been the domain of children but their collection and crafting is also a hobby for many adults.

Dollhouses for hobbyists and collectors are available in different forms. From ready-made and decorated houses to kits to custom built houses made to the customer’s design. Some design and build their own dollhouse.

There are dozens of miniature trade shows held throughout the year by various miniature organizations and enthusiasts, where artisans and dealers display and sell miniatures. Often, how-to seminars and workshops are part of the show features.

Enthusiasts share images online and use Internet forums, blogs and other online social media to share information about dollhouses and miniatures.

In her life as a writer, Jenny Lawson has written two bestselling books. But in her spare time she has worked for the past decade to create a stunning work of art!

Her motivation to craft the tiniest of details with artistry is truly astounding!

A bit more grown up than the dollhouse most young girls have as children, she built another world in its walls with references to fantasy, folklore, and science fiction books/ films in every room. From the tiny spinning wheel to the artwork on the walls, you would be hard-pressed to find another dollhouse with this level of detail and love put in. There’s even a solarium!

Lawson transformed an unadorned Victorian style dollhouse into a “haunted” dollhouse. It looks rather cozy. Have a look for yourself!

What do you think of the transformation of the ordinary dollhouse into a “haunted” dollhouse? Did she do a good job? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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