Determined Dogs Want To Eat Slug On Other Side Of Window.. Hilarious!

When dogs want something, they usually have a one track mind and go for it. When have you known a dog to sit back and not grab the object hat is tempting them? Whether it is a toy, or a bone or food, they’ll go for it! So when these two dogs spied a slow slug, it was too hard to resist.

They went at the window, trying their hardest to get at the slug. But their over excited brains didn’t register the fact that the slug was on the OTHER side of the window. Bless their hearts, they are so determined to get at it, it’s clear they have no idea how glass functions. Lol.

It’s not clear if they like the taste of glass or they’re genuinely trying to reach the slug. I had no idea dogs liked the taste of slug, but maybe they’re into exotic food perhaps? Watching this video made me crack up with laughter. Did you SEE the look on their faces? Absolutely hilarious!

They almost look like they’re going out of their minds! Watch how their eyes look like they will pop out of their sockets in their excited endeavours to reach the slug. What makes this video so darn hilarious is that while they’re trying to get at it, the slug happily and ever so slowly, slides across the window pane. Without getting disturbed by the pet pooches.

I really, really do love their doggy expressions! Did this video crack you up too? What did you think of it? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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