Dickie Henderson’s wild tap dance routine earns the title ‘Leg Mania’

The crazy legs of Dickie Henderson are showcased in this incredible dance routine from 1971. ‘Leg Mania’ features Dickie, Billy Dainty, and Max Wall in a wild frenzy of dance moves.

Dickie starts by saying to the fellas, “Tell you what, why don’t you use your style of dancing, and I’ll use mine? And you use yours, and we’ll see if we can do a routine together.”

The three men stand in front of the band, which sits far at the back of the stage. The men wear black tuxedos and tap shoes while standing on the white stage. Billy responds, “Splendid!”

Dickie excitedly says, “Let’s see if you can keep up with us.” Then, the two men on the side start to dance as Billy watches and studies their tapping patterns.

Billy tries tapping and fails miserably and crosses his eyes, and frowns. The crowd laughs as Dickie stops and tells him that he did well. Dickie tells the band to “Hit it!”

The three men dance in perfect unison and tap in a coordinated straight line, doing the famous ‘Duck Walk’ and spinning wildly, keeping the quick rhythm with their furious feet.

The music changes to a lighthearted tune, and the men start to skip around in a circle while making hilarious faces at each other. Dickie, Max, and Billy end with a strong backward kick and cross their legs and hold out their hands and smile as the crowd applauds their performance.

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Dickie Henderson’s wild tap dance routine earns the title ‘Leg Mania’