They Didn’t Believe Her When She Told Them Her Baby & Dog Do THIS Together. So She Taped It!

Dogs are an energetic species. They are full of life and have lots of love to give. The dog in the video is called Pumpkin and when you see what Pumpkin is capable of, you are going to want to give her a hug! This lively dog doesn’t mind spending all her enthusiasm on a teensy baby. And we are glad because it is comforting to watch a dog play and hear a baby laugh.

You’ll not be able to hold back your smile when you see this bouncy energetic dog run around the room. The baby loves it as you can tell by this uncontrollable laughter. The dog is a Sheltie and he is quite entertaining as he runs around the living room making the baby laugh. I think he’s fully aware of the effect his running has on the baby.

Pretty soon the baby decides to crawl around and try to catch the dog. The dog knows what he’s doing and just as the baby gets close, he takes of running again. They go around the coffee table, but the baby isn’t quite fast enough to catch this spunky dog.

A dog and baby combo never fails to entertain us and make our day a little brighter. This baby’s contagious laugh and this dog’s endless energy will do just that. Thank goodness this precious moment was caught on tape!

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