Doberman Pinscher Lives On Horse Farm. Wait Until You See Some of His Friends. ADORABLE.

together. Did I see the one of the bird and the iguana today or yesterday? How about the cat and the dog? Two weeks ago? The parrot and the garden slug? OK, I made that one up. The point is , there are so many of them out there. It’s hard to find one that’s unique. I believe the one that we see here qualifies as that.

This is the story of Boss, a black Doberman, and Contino, a horse. They are fast friends and they spend a lot of time outside. Boss has even sat on the back of the horse. They routinely nuzzle. Yes, the doggie hangs out with another Doberman, but it’s the majestic horse who is his best bud. I’ve seen all kinds of friendships between species, but this is something really special and it’s fun to see the pictures and videos of them together.

A really funny scenario that we see play out is when Boss tries to walk Contino. He tugs and tugs at the reins and he thinks he’s guiding the horse. Boss is not really the “boss” here – it’s more of a case of horse walking dog, but Contino is smart, he’s able to do it in a way to make Boss think he’s doing everything. It’s quite the bond they have. The Doberman is friends with other horses, but the white horse is his favorite.

Another activity that brings them even closer is that Contino likes nibbling on Boss’ back and hind quarters. It’s the same way a human would scratch his back. The pooch loves it. He sits there and lets it happen. That’s cool and all for Contino, but I don’t think I’d do that with my cats. He’s also lucky Boss is very short-haired. Otherwise his daddy might have to floss dog hair out daily. Ew. That’s gross to think about.

Wasn’t this an amazing story? I love interspecies friendships. What did you think? Please leave a comment below!

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