Doctor Pushed Down On Her Breech Baby, But When You See Mom’s Belly Next? I Can’t Believe It!

When the baby in her womb had entered a breech position, Liam Muckleston rushed his wife to the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, United Kingdom. She was 36 weeks and three days pregnant. If not taken care of, the breech baby could have ended up being fatal during labor. The doctor performed External Cephalic Version (ECV) on the mother. It is a process where one uses his bare hands to flip the baby externally by massaging the mother’s belly.

A breech position occurs when the infant is foot, knees, or bottom first in the mother’s womb. This is known to bring different kinds complications during delivery. Though it is safe to perform a C-section during a breech birth, problems like umbilical cord prolapse, oxygen deprivation, and injury to the brain and skull can still occur. Of course, the parents wanted try to prevent this.

The doctor does a sonogram so that he can see the exact position of the baby. Then he examines the mother, feeling exactly where the baby is. Then the magic happens. The doctor begins to rotate the baby into the correct position by pushing on the mother’s abdomen and rotating his hands.

In the video, you can actually see the shape of the baby as it rotates inside the mother. It seems like a simple solution to a complicated problem. I’m sure there is more to it than what we realize, but it is amazing to see.

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