Dog That Was Almost Given Up For Adoption Saves Owner’s Life!

There are some animals that are born with a special intuition. This intuition allows them to know when something is wrong. Some people say that it’s a sixth sense. Others say that it is simple animal instinct.
Nevertheless, when it comes to someone or some animal being in danger, this intuition can be very handy and can potentially save a life.

A good example of this came with the Davis family. They live in Vancouver, Washington. They have a dog named Patch. He is considered as a member of the family. She was shocked. She realized why he did it. She was very thankful for it. Patch quickly became the center of attention. Everyone in the family grew very fond of him. After a few months, it was clear that he was outgrowing their home. Everyone thought that he would be a small or medium dog at best, but not as large as he grew. He was obviously needing more space.

The mother, Nola, and her husband knew that Patch would need a bigger home soon. On the other hand, they didn’t want to break their children’s hearts. They knew that giving him away or surrendering him to a local animal shelter would make them very sad. If they were to lose him, Andrew and Clara would be devastated.

Their children were very distressed by their parents’ decision. They were not having it. To them, Patch was an important part of their family. Nola was still thinking about this. Maybe keeping him would not be worth all the trouble that they would have to go through. She was very mistaken.

The next day, Nola was by herself at home. She decided to take a bath. Once she was finished, she realized Patch was following her. He had followed her into the bathroom. She didn’t think much of it. Suddenly, he begins gnawing on her wrist. This was anything like him. It was the first time this had happened. He has always been a sweet dog. It was as if he was trying to tell her something. Nola decides to see what’s going on. She gets out of the tub to see.

Nola heads down the hallway. What she sees leaves her stunned. Her house was engulfed in flames. The thing is she had not realized it. Patch had been trying to get her attention and save her life. If it had not been for Patch, she may have lost her life then and there!