A Dog Barks At His Parrot Brother. But The Way The Bird Responded? So HILARIOUS!

When it comes to bird companions that people can have as pets, parrots are definitely one of the most popular species. Their whole attitude and personality is just too fun and amazing to believe, and the way they always repeat everything that they hear can make for some incredibly funny moments that no other animal could even imagine replicating. However, other animals in the house can eventually get to feel bothered by these lovely birds. Just look at the pup in the following video, just a few scrolls down below!

In this funny clip, a big black Labrador pupper is barking all that he can at his parrot brother’s cage. Even though the bird is just a fun little guy, the dog seems to be very wary and suspicious of him! Obviously, the bird is completely out of harm’s way, since he’s sitting calmly inside his cage, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fight back! After a few seconds of withstanding his dog friend’s incessant barking, he decides to give him a little bit of his own medicine right back at him! The way the parrot barks is just one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year!

Watch their argument for yourself in the video right below!

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