Dog finds something strange at beach. When They Get Closer They See Something That Shocks Them

There are many videos on dogs and dog behavior out there. Dogs offer us unconditional love that we love to record. Besides being funny the give us glimpses that they are more than pets they also give us their loyalty.

Sometimes they are also capable of some very courageous feats. Dogs have saved a lot of their owners. There was a case that an elderly woman had a heart condition and fainted. The doctor went outside and got the attention of someone who came to aid the woman.

Another case happened when a toddler was playing near a pool. His parents were not there and he fell into the pool. The dog quickly jumped into the pool and dragged him out. When the parents realized what had happened the child was out of the pool. They just checked him to see he was okay. They took him to the doctor and he recovered.

Dogs are also capable of saving other animals. They are compassionate and will not hesitate to help any animal that is in need. They have this sixth sense that most humans do not possess. They will put themselves in danger to save someone or some animal who is in need.

A man was walking his dog (who is named Leia) on a Wales beach. Leia started to act very strangely. She was usually very comfortable around water. She would try to lure him near the water. Initially, he thought that the dog wanted to play in the water. He went with the dog into the water, but the dog wanted to keep on walking. They continued a little longer and the man saw something moving near the beach.

He thought it might be a small fish. When he got closer he saw something that he couldn’t believe. It was a baby dolphin that had gotten stranded. The baby dolphin would die if it didn’t get back to the ocean. What they did was surprising. They started to help the little dolphin that he named “buddy”. Initially, they just turned it towards the open ocean. The little dolphin would swim for a little bit and then lost track of where it was supposed to head.

Apparently, it had gotten confused because it was very close to the shore. They found the little critter stuck in a few small stones. After a few more cheers, it found its way to the water once again and headed for safety. This video has gotten over 790,000 views. This is a unique moment., Very touching!