Maymo the Beagle Isn’t a Fan of Christmas Costumes but He Sure Loves His Stocking

Not every dog is excited about the costumes, sweaters, and adorable pajamas that come with Christmas. Maymo, the Beagle (who is already loved across the internet), is a prime example.

Maymo’s parents have gone above and beyond this season with multiple options for Christmas outfits to encourage some holiday spirit in their dog. Maymo tries on a classic Santa outfit, gives reindeer antlers a shot, and is even unsatisfied with any of the multiple different scarf and hat options.


Though we think Maymo embodies all we love about the Christmas holiday in his own adorable way, he seems less than thrilled. To make up for not finding an outfit that suits Maymo, his parents get him the ultimate doggy gift, a stocking chock full of the tastiest treats.

Now that bow-and-light outfit Maymo hated doesn’t seem all that bad. Watch this incredible dog go through the motions in the video below. Something about Maymo and all his sweet antics make him one of my favorite pooches around.

Maymo the Beagle Isn\'t a Fan of Christmas Costumes but He Sure Loves His Stocking