Dog Makes Harrowing 30-Mile Journey Just To Be Turned Back At The Gate. Watch Her Happy Ending!

Senior Labrador retriever, a black beauty, travels like Odysseus through, through dangers, through in imaginable hardship just to get home. The pup arrives back at her doorstep, only to be shunned off the mat and told to take a hike.

Her name is Ma Kettle, and the story falls back to 2012. Ma had been living with a Kansas family, until they decided to get a new dog. A new tiny model… They traded up. Ma couldn’t adjust, so the family decided to give her away.

Ma went to live with an independent lady; soon, she was out on the streets. Her first instinct was to return to her former home. Ma traveled over 30 miles to arrive back at her house. Her need and desires, overwhelming. Still, despite her journey, she was unceremoniously shunned.

Now, this brave noble being, was without a home. Without a place to lay her old bones. She is spayed, house broken and leash trained, mellow, and having problems walking. She needed a home.

But this dog finds a happy ending in the grandest most beautiful way!

After posting the story of Ma Kettle on Facebook, someone took interest in her – and it’s the heiress of Wrigley Chewing Gum! The dog was picked up by a private jet and is now living the high life in sunny ol’ Florida!

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