Dog perplexed when 5-month-old keeps falling down. Thinks it’s time to help him out

You must have noticed how easily dogs and babies go together. They’re both very cute, bring nonstop happiness, and also have a habit of finding trouble at a moment’s notice. As far as all of the mess making goes, if you don’t have a dog, then someone has to clean up all of the food that is dropped on the floor! Dog equals vacuum…

Clearly dogs and infants also bond in special ways. Dogs are our loyal friends and can be amazingly in tune, sensing our love and protecting their human buddies. Often a dog or puppy will be sure to keep a baby safe, comfortable and warm as if a parental instinct kicks in. Of course the baby also gets to double his or her supply of toys!

So, it’s no shock to watch a pup attempting to help his new sibling when he struggles to master the art of standing up and walking. You’ll see that the infant in this clip isn’t old enough to walk just yet but that his canine hero doesn’t know that.

As the baby crawls around, smiling and laughing, the dog decides to teach him a thing or two. He starts out crawling just like the baby but gets bored quickly and wants to advance the lesson a little quicker. The dog proceeds to teach the baby that it’s just as easy as popping up to your feet and moving them in a walking motion. “C’mon let’s go!” The video is below and we would appreciate any comments you have as well as you sharing the clip with family and friends.