Dog Rushed Into Room In A Wild Panic. Moments Later, Mum Realized It Was A Serious Warning

Sadie was born with severe Type 1 diabetes which meant that she always had to be monitored to make sure her blood sugar levels stayed normal. Her parents, being protective as all parents are, did everything in their power to make sure their little girl was always taken care of.

This is why they got Hero. This Labrador is a trained diabetic alert dog who will alert them if he senses that Sadie’s blood sugar levels drop dangerously low. Growing up together, they have been inseparable since he was added to the family and this story is proof of just how intuitive animals are about the people they love.

When Sadie was in school one day, Sadie’s mum saw that Hero was looking agitated. His peculiar behaviour alerted her that something may be wrong with Sadie, even though she was in school five miles away. Quickly calling up the school, she requested the nurse to check Sadie’s blood sugar levels and they were surprised to see the result!

Sadie’s levels were dangerously low and Hero warned them in the nick of time. The only question everyone was asking was how did he know?? He was five miles away and I know dog’s have a keen sense of smell, but five miles is a huge distance. Even I’m puzzled by this.

But thanks to Hero, Sadie was saved. So kudos to the dog who turned out to be the Hero of the day! Please SHARE this video – this is one reason why people who have pets feel safer. Pets always keep an eye out for the people they love. I absolutely ADORE dogs! How about you? What did you think of the video? Write in and tell us in the comments section below.

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