Dog Sings Along to Video Game Theme Song! LOL!

I have always thought my dogs were pretty smart. They were potty trained early on; they obey commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “shake;” and they know upon seeing the leashes come out that it’s time for a walk (aka their favorite thing in the world).

While everyone who has a dog loves them and thinks they are “the best dog ever,” only a few special pooches have real talents. If you get super lucky, you might find yourself with a dog like River, the greyhound in this video, who is talented in many different areas.

River loves to sing the intro theme to his owner’s video game. But this is only the second of River’s major talents, because before he was a singing sensation, he was a racer, and a pretty good one at that.

This crooner, who has since retired from his days on the track, now enjoys his days of lying around, sniffing out treats, and perfecting his pitch!

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Dog Sings Along to Video Game Theme Song! LOL!