His Dog Was Stolen By His Friend, But When This Poor Man Got THIS Call One Day, My Heart Broke

Two years ago, Jose from Wisconsin was going through a rough patch in life. He was going through a divorce, he lost his house, and he became homeless. He ended up living in his vehicle. But his dog, Chaos, helped him tremendously. Jose decided to get back on his feet, so he sent Chaos off to a friend of a friend to keep him safe while he made some adjustments in his life.

Three months later, he recovered from his problems. However, the friend who took Chaos in refused to give him back. Jose tried, but was unable to get him to give Chaos back, and Jose felt a fight was not good for anyone, including his beloved dog.

Jose was heartbroken and he thought he would never see his dog again. Two years passed, and Jose could do nothing but look at old pictures and reminisce about his dog. He decided not to get another dog right away, perhaps hoping he could still get Chaos back.

But then he got a call. Winnebago County Animal Services had found his dog in someone’s driveway. He was recognized by his collar that had a 2014 National Identification Number on it. Jose hurried to the shelter and retrieved his beloved friend.

Their joyful reunion is shown below! At first his dog isn’t sure if he knows Jose or not, but once he gets close and smells him, it is all over. He goes to Jose and you can see, he will never leave him again.

Watch this beautiful reunion below! Did this warm your heart? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!


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