Poor Mama Dog Was Forcibly Separated From Her Puppies. When I Saw WHY, I Broke Into Tears!

A mother constantly cares about her youngsters. Be it a human or an animal, a mom can get distressed when she is not with her kids. This canine called Asha Attie in the video below was likewise feeling anxiety when the rescuers had separated her from her pups, albeit  for brief time.

Asha Attie was abandoned when she became pregnant. Thankfully, The Bill Foundation (a non-profit animal rescue company based in Los Angeles) stepped in to assist her.

When the rescuers found this agenl, her fur was so matted that she was having a hard time feeding her puppies. Rescuers chose to shave her fur making it easier for her to feed her youngsters, and this concept in fact worked.

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