This Dog’s Reaction After He Jumps Into A Hot Tub Is Leaving People In Hysterics

If you or someone close to you owns a dog, you probably know that they seem to have a love/hate relationship with water. This relationship varies by dog, so you never know if your precious pooch is going to go for a swim every chance they get or avoid water like it’s an alien substance. Even though they don’t usually have trouble with mud puddles, bodies of water can sometimes terrify them.

This dog, however, happens to be a huge fan of water and can’t get enough of it! His name is Cuzzie, and seems to be a mixed pug – a breed known for their laid-back nature! That makes perfect sense when it comes to this pup, as he was spotted lounging in a hot tub! Though most dogs just hang out in the tub during bath time or go for a dip in the pool or a lake, Cuzzie seems to prefer the warmer sensation of a hot tub. The water jets likely don’t hurt, either. This is one dog who sure knows how to unwind!

Cuzzie was enjoying his experience so much, he couldn’t help but start humming. We should really start taking notes from this relaxed pooch. He seems to know just how to attain the perfect state of rest, and we could all use a break like the one he’s giving himself in the tub. Talk about spa goals! All he’s missing are some cucumbers over his eyes!

You have to see Cuzzie’s adorable time in the pool for yourself. You won’t believe just how content he looks! His laid-back lifestyle is sure to make you vow to treat yourself more often. Just look at that face! For this pooch, life doesn’t seem too ruff, does it? Share this video with your fellow dog lovers and leave your comments down below!