Dolly Parton’s “Blue Bonnet Breeze” recollects young love and romance

Dolly Parton

The music of Dolly Parton has a way of touching your heart and soul. She has an incredible gift for stirring up emotions and putting words to some pretty deep feelings.

In her song “Blue Bonnet Breeze,” she sings of a tale as old as time – or at least Shakespeare. The main characters are a pair of Romeo and Juliet lovers.

He is from the big city while she is from the country. They love each other despite their parents’ disapproval. They spend their days in each other’s arms in fields of bluebonnet flowers.

He asks her to marry him, and of course, she says yes. His parents are less than thrilled at the couple’s news. The young lovers don’t need their parents’ approval, though.

They intend to be together forever, no matter what. So, they put on their wedding clothes and drive to a field of bluebonnet flowers, never to be parted again.

The artistry of the music video is simple yet stunning. Dolly has such a gift for telling a story through song. You will never tire of listening to her sing.

“Blue Bonnet Breeze” is a love story we’ve all heard again and again, but Dolly’s version gives her own unique country spin on it. You’ll have this song on repeat before you know it!

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