Dolphin Starts Giving Birth To Baby. I Was Stunned At What Happened Afterwards.

Giving birth is one of the most wondrous things in nature. An animal incubates another one for a certain amount of time and then brings it out into the world in one of the most painful acts possible. Seeing one in action is always awe-inspiring. I’ve seen plenty of them occur on land, but this video is the first time that I’ve seen one happen under water. It was well worth the wait for me.

We see a mommy dolphin swimming around, trying to give birth to a baby dolphin. There are people in the water, filming her doing this. She’s showing remarkable poise by tolerating these people in the area with her. I’m sure she would have preferred to be doing this alone, or maybe with her own dolphin ob-gyn. “Look. You’re doing great. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. What’s your insurance again?”

There are times when it looks like the baby dolphin is on the way out… and then the laboring mommy hits the sea floor and it’s like she pushes it back in. Finally, she swims out to slightly deeper water and pushes the baby out in a burst of what could either be placental fluid or blood or both. The baby starts swimming immediately alongside his mommy. That would be like my son running to me right out of the womb.

The first though that sprang to mind while watching this was – there are humans who like to have natural water births. Well… the dolphin does that all the time. Maybe for them they might have like to see what a birth on land was like… minus that whole pesky beaching themselves problem. Then again, the water is probably the best place for them. Another thing I admired about her while she was in labor – she remembered to surface some to breathe….

Another thought I had was, “If that’s blood, I hope there are no sharks in the area. Then things could get messy fast.” How about you? What was your first thought when watching this? Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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