Dreamy pool becomes a reality. This is just incredible!

One of the best sensations in the world is to refresh our bodies with a nice shower inside a swimming pool especially during the summer days when the heat is unbearable and the sun gives no mercy to our skin. It’s almost like it was yesterday when we were kids and spent lots of hours swimming and having a good time with our friends. Unfortunately, not everyone had the benefit of possessing a pool constructed in their houses, sometimes we had to share the neighbor’s pool or other local facilities to enjoy this experience.

Many people see the lack of this privilege as something normal to them but there are several persons that can’t stand the idea of living in a house without a pool in their backyard, up to the point of making the arrangements and construct it by themselves. A special case in this matter is the story of Micky Thornton, an ordinary person that decided to take action into his own hands.

After moving to a small town in Memphis with his wife, he decided to carry out a plan that had been in his mind for years “Building a comfortable private pool”, this was almost like a dream to Micky and the perfect opportunity just knock the door when they move into their new home. The new house had plenty of space for this project but unfortunately although his wife Jane was totally supporting him, she came out with a single condition “The pool could no be anywhere near the house” this means that Micky would have to build the pool on irregular terrain almost 300 ft away from the house, despite the inclined hills the only answer of Jane was: figure it out!

But if you truly wish it from the heart, the solution will always come to you. With a little imagination, he soon found the answer to the problem; he was going to dig a giant hole taking advantage of the same curvature of the hills. The idea was to create an extensive area to swim giving a lot of freedom to the users and avoiding the simplicity of a pool that makes people feeling trapped inside a box with water.

At the beginning of the construction, the size of the hole was unbelievable; it could contain the enormous amount of 500.000 gallons of water looking almost like a small size water park. He decorated it with several ornamental stones giving it a nice rocky finished, it had a beautiful waterfall, a slide and many green areas all around the pool.

The final result was astonishing, an incredibly large area just to enjoy and relax with the family under the bright sun. Something like this could not pass unnoticed to people, the word was spread and now the pool is used to celebrate many private events such as birthday parties, baptisms, proms, and graduations.

There’s no doubt that this is a dream come true for Micky. Take a look at the video below and enjoy the view of this little paradise!