Drill Sargent with an amazing voice

Drill Sargent

A video of a drill sergeant leading her troops in a cadence call has taken the internet by storm thanks to her amazing singing voice. Her singing abilities shine through right from the get-go when she starts chanting “left, right, left.”

The drill sergeant is more like a mentor and instructor than an individual yelling at a platoon of soldiers. A drill sergeant is one whose job is to oversee army basic training and drill school sergeants.

As the number of female drill sergeants on the base increases, the standards for classification remain the same. Aside from the minimum number of push-ups and the maximum time allowed for the two-mile run, drill sergeant candidates must meet the same training requirements. They go through the same extensive selection process.

Drill Sargent

In this video, we hear a female drill sergeant instructor singing to a platoon of soldiers in a rhythmic cadence flow at the US Army Instructor School at Fort Jackson during close-up training exercises.

The drill sergeant sings a cadence marching song as she marches her soldiers uniformly and smoothly. As the video progresses, we see a tall guy at the back failing to step in as his Drill Sergeant instructor continues with the cadence.

This female drill sergeant not only has a good set of lungs, but she also has a beautiful voice and carries the notes with confidence. She does a good job singing the cadence with passion and enthusiasm as she keeps her recruits in line and teaches them how to be soldiers.

While 14% of the Army comprises female soldiers, there is a shortage of female drill sergeants. However, army chiefs say that a drill sergeant is a drill sergeant, regardless of gender.

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