Driver Sees Kitten Walking On Freeway. I Couldn’t Believe What Happened Next .

What lengths would you go to save an animal in distress? I’m not talking about those who are paid to do something like this. I’m thinking of any ordinary civilian who sees a cat stuck in a tree, a dog in miserable conditions, a squirrel trapped in a window screen (this scenario actually happened to me – I enlisted a neighbor’s aid to lift the screen and let the squirrel scamper off), or anything similar. Well, we see someone go to extraordinary measures in this video here.

This video is from the perspective of the driver that’s behind the real hero of this video. At first, we see him driving along a freeway when we see a kitten trying to make its way across the road. This seems like a recipe for disaster. The guy stays in his lane, but the SUV in front of him stops and a guy hustles out of the back seat, runs by this driver and then hustles back with the kitten in his arms like he’s holding a football with four defenders chasing him. They get in the car and drive off.

The guy in the video has a heck of a lot more nerve than me, that’s for sure. I’d be saying a prayer for the kitty as I passed it, that’s about it, since even as slow as the traffic seems to be moving, it’s still a freeway and things can change… FAST. I’d be afraid of becoming someone’s hood ornament. Kudos to the guy for running out, but I’m sure the driver was like, “Move it, man… move it… move it… Phew!”

I hope the guy got the kitten to a shelter or even his own home. I could totally see him adopting this kitten. Anybody who risks their life to get a kitten off a freeway is going to open their door to him. Were I a statistician, I would say that there was a 90% chance he brought the kitten home. Fortunately, I am not a betting man. I am 100% that this kitten got a loving home somewhere, at least.

Would you do anything like this? Have you done anything like this? Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts or stories in the comments section.

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